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Home Makeover Health Edition

Anyone who has lived through a mass renovation or mass tumor…knows how your world can be turned upside down.

Why not start with a new paint color and then add new this and that?

Lately, or more precisely since my remission, I have been focusing on my health.

I have tried mass “body” renovations , ie. quitting unhealthy habits cold turkey.

This rarely works. Why? A framework of healthy choices need to be built in over time. Allowing your body, lifestyle and family to adjust.

Recently, this book 8 Weeks to Optimal Health by Andrew Weil,
has provided great inspiration to begin with small changes.

This week it has been daily walks and tea after lunch instead of coffee.

While this might seem lame, it is working. I have discovered that little changes have fit in nicely…

So consider, Baby Steps, next time you decide to change it up!

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