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Let’s Talk About Health Baby!!!

Long ago I used to tell my students…

Indeed we are not just heads walking around but a whole body.
Lately I have been pursuing a complete heatlh makeover. I started with running and yoga last year.  Then I added some Vegan recipes. The current goal is to develop strength and maintain high energy levels throughout the day.  To assist with with this process I have created my own Health Journal/Notebook. I decided to take a plain scribbler and collage images and words on the front. In a way, it turns into a vision board and gives you something to focus on daily. This is how mine turned out:

Making a Health Journal

You will need: scissors, gluestick, a blank journal/scribbler and a health magazine -I used a Yoga Journal.  You might also “Google” for images and type out words. I prefer hunting through magazines and the tactile feel of cutting and glueing.

1.) Cut out phrases and images from your Health magazine. Do not judge this process. Whatever appeals to you…cut them out.
2) Find ads or articles that have interesting backgrounds. Cut out fun shapes, like circles, squares or hearts. Alternatively, you could use wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper.
3) Begin to arrange the words, images and fun shapes on the cover until it looks pleasing.You might want to arrange everything first and then glue it down.
4) It is done!  You might leave a blank page to create a table of contents. The first entry might be a goal statement or letter to yourself. In future posts I will suggest more ideas,

Let me know if you make one yourself. A picture of it would be even better.

Thanks for listening to my bother, I feel better now. 🙂


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