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Hamster Hutches and Learning Spaces

hamster bite
Our new hamster is a biter.

Oh…Why Lit Maven????

According to the internet search, he is afraid. Afraid of what, you ask?

Well, we noticed that he was bringing his cage bedding to his wheel, packing it in and resting there.

Then it occurred to us, he is uncomfortable, he does not feel cozy in the cage so he made his own space cozy as he could…but good enough is not great.

Then the Eureka moment…

We had forgotten to purchase a sleeping hut.

Lesson learned…the Hamster needs a sleeping hut or he will bite us.

So…we bought a sleeping hut.

Lit Maven…is there a point?

Yes! I work in an open space and although I don’t bite, I could use a lower ceiling and added physical barriers so I can feel cozy enough to work.

But enough about me!

Educational Application:

Our students need to feel comfortable in order to learn. We need to provide cozy spaces of their own design.

Now I know…the hamster is my teacher and I have been schooled.

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

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