Brandi J. Clark

Writer and Educator


This art is created with hole-punched magazine dots. I make a quick sketch and then I choose colors/textures from magazines. My favorite magazine to use is Oprah. When they are photocopied as a color image the dot ridges fade away and the image becomes seamless.

Gifts for Others
V dub van
My Husband’s Van

For My Grade 4 Teacher

Mother's day card
For my Mom…a Mother’s Day Card

Inspirational Messages
Donut wait until
Play on words…Do Not Wait Until Tomorrow

C's the day
Play on words…C’s the Day

Having Fun
me in dots
My First Dot-a-loge…

What's new
Using Newspaper Dots

Work at Home
Working From Home

Delicious Ambiguity
Quote from Gilda Radner

Librarian Witch
Witch on a Broomstick

My Family
Liv age 9
The Daughter

Liam age Seven
My Son

Image from the book Bluebird by Bob Staake

Prayer Card for Some Friends
St. Stephen
St. Stephen