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A Shark Inspired Writing Prompt!

Are you a writing Teacher? Me too!

Here’s an idea just for you.



Here’s the idea: Substitute another animal for “shark.”


  • It can be tailored to the interests of students or to a subject area.
  • It’s highly motivating to be contrary, can’t is more fun than can.
  • It’s a different form of writing – comic, than the usual – story.

Ideas to Get Started

1. Pick an animal to work through together as a class.

For example: bee

2. Together brainstorm at least ten facts about the animal.  Record answers on the board.

For example: Bees carry pollen on their legs.

3. Together brainstorm about activities the students like to do.

For example: We like to write.

4. Together complete this stem using brainstormed facts for #2 and student activities from #3:

I like to ____but a ____can’t because_______.

For example:  I like to write but a bee can’t because they would get pollen on the keyboard.

Brainstorm several examples, it’s bound to get funny as the session progresses.

5.  Together create a finished example (one panel to several panels) with words and illustrations.

The finished example could be the bee trying to write but a large pollen dust cloud makes it impossible.

6. OPTION 1: Working together as a class. This might end up being just a class example, where students help with the writing and illustrations.

7.  OPTION 2: Working as partners or independently. Students can work together or alone on their own examples that might include 1, 2 or many comic panels.

8. For better results, discuss the composition/craft of the shark example. Discuss the title, captions, speech indicators, spacing, shapes and other artistic elements.

9.  Remember this prompt again at Halloween… 6 Things Ghosts Are Bad At…you get the idea.

Have fun!

Let me know if you try it.  🙂


When I Think of Halloween…I Think Of Huey Lewis

Also…I think of being too tall at the age of 12….that’s what I think of.

“How old are you lady?” (circa 1989)

Me thinking….”Lady? But I am just Lil – Lit Maven” 

(I was not actually the Lit Maven then…but seriously…can anyone remember when I wasn’t?)

Yes…back in the old days, Halloween was for young short people. Like this guy….

But I have matured and I am no longer bitter that I was 5 foot 7 at the age of 12.

Ah Lit Maven…you sound bitter…

Ok…I have some residule bitterness…but hey!… enough about me….

Here is one of MY favorite Halloween moments in film… …not educational…entertainment only…note I switched in Jen A. for Mike J.

and a song that has nothing to do with Halloween but is filmed to reflect a halloweenish nature….

Halloween-ish ….Lit Maven?

Whatever….tall people hear words differently than short people…

Take it away Hugh!

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven Out!

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