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Are You There God? It’s me, reading level.


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My fear – Assigned reading levels prevent access to a full range of Judy Blume books

It’s true…some kids might not have complete access to Blume’s books.

In the past kids would read all the books by a favorite author. The only thing standing in the way was access to the books. Luckily books by favorite authors could be found in most libraries and bookstores.

But have you considered this…

if we only adhered to reading levels…

then you can only read a book by your favorite author that is at your reading level, nothing above, nothing below.

Lit Maven…that’s CRAZY!


I know…right?!

But check it out…

Here is a list of Judy Blume books and their reading levels.

Freckle Juice – Level M       The Pain and the Great One – Level M

Superfudge – Level Q           Fudge-a-Mania – Level Q

Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing – Level Q          Double-Fudge – Level R

Otherwise Known as Shelia the Great – Level R      Iggie’s House – Level R

Blubber – Level T           Are There God it’s Me Margaret – Level T

Then Again Maybe I Won’t  – Level T            Tiger Eyes – Level W

This happens with many books by the same author …including the Harry Potter series where books range between V-Z.

It’s silly to think a student can’t read books that they are interested in.

So let’s not be silly anymore.

Until Next Time,

Lit Maven Out!