Brandi J. Clark

Writer and Educator

New Job …New Adventures…Paula Abdul says yes!

So I have a new job starting in the fall, same school district and same office.  However, the job is brand new!  I am excited that I can “make it my own!”

Right Paula?


Yes, Lit Maven!

The job is Literacy Supports Consultant for grades 1-12.  This means I will be supporting Literacy, cross-curricular, in approximately 88 schools.

In our school district, consultants visit the schools when needed.  We are not fee for service. This means any teacher or administrator, can request my advice/assistance at any given time.  I can model strategies in a classroom and plan with teachers.  I can present to groups of teachers and admin. It is my dream job and an evolving consultant journey I have been on since September 2007.

For this new job I have been reading these books:

  • Leading the New Literacies by Heidi Hayes Jacobs and her other books in the series: Mastering Digital Literacy, Mastering Media Literacy and Mastering Global Literacy


If you have any other suggestions please let me know in the comment box below.

I am also working on defining my new job.  It is not the same as being a Language Arts consultant nor is it a “special education” job.  While the job has layers of those, it is not as simple as that.  Of course that is what I like about the job change, the openness and the wild and craziness of it.

Stay tuned for my updates on this adventure! Hopefully I will be breaking new ground and not just hitting it.

Until Next Time,

Lit Maven Out!