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Living for Tumor-morrow

Hi All,
I am back. Consistent…I know..just like a weed.

Well. Today I saw an article on “Mindful Writing”, I would like to expand on that.

How about? “Mindful Living”.

I am no expert on dying, but living…pretty good.

I have:

1) Fallen down the stairs in my walker (18 months old)
2) Poisoned (age 2)
3) Drowned in a pond (4 years old)
4) Fell off a 10 foot stand at a …get this…wheelchair basketball game…do you sense the irony?
5) Had Cancer but was a Libra. (What’s with that?)

SO I do realize that life is in peril constantly and I am in no control at all!

But seriously, we need balance people!

What is with the oversecheduling of our kids and ourselves? I am not alone in this. Check out Geek Dad.

I have said no to scheduled “fun” and replaced it with enriched family time.

What do we do on weeknights and weekends?

1) Visit parks.

2) Have a weeknight picnic.

3) GO on a family date night to the leisure center (pool).

4) Watch a movie.

5) Go to the farmer’s market.

6) Craft up a storm.

7) Go on bike rides and long walks.(in the community or explore your own city)

8) Ask your kids, “What would you like to do?” (This did backfire once. My daughter asked if there were Mermaid classes to become a Mermaid.)

9) Sign them up for short periods of activity. (ie Art classes, 5 saturdays, 90 minutes). Notice there are not weekend Art tournaments…

10) Develop life skills such as swimming, golf, skiing and self-defence arts.

As my husband said…
Kids remember moments…we need to create moments not schedules.

Until Next time…

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