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Snain Snain …Go Away!

This week we had…SNAIN…

You know snow and rain…equals SNAIN.

The first impulse was to get angry. How dare those weather gods?

I snuggled up with my laptop and soon realized that the data gods were also impeding my plans.

The more I read, the angrier I got. Nothing new…or nothing exciting…blah.

SO, I decided to take an internet diet on Sunday. I went and cleaned up my son’s room. For some reason, it felt better to clean and therefore cleanse my thoughts too.

Seth Godin makes a good point in today’s article.

“Twice as much email, twice as many friend requests, twice as many sites to check, twice as many devices.”-Seth Godin

Information and even a lack of new information can be overwhelming.

I think by going on an internet diet, I was able to focus on the day, the task, the moment. Balance is key…

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