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A Shark Inspired Writing Prompt!

Are you a writing Teacher? Me too!

Here’s an idea just for you.



Here’s the idea: Substitute another animal for “shark.”


  • It can be tailored to the interests of students or to a subject area.
  • It’s highly motivating to be contrary, can’t is more fun than can.
  • It’s a different form of writing – comic, than the usual – story.

Ideas to Get Started

1. Pick an animal to work through together as a class.

For example: bee

2. Together brainstorm at least ten facts about the animal.  Record answers on the board.

For example: Bees carry pollen on their legs.

3. Together brainstorm about activities the students like to do.

For example: We like to write.

4. Together complete this stem using brainstormed facts for #2 and student activities from #3:

I like to ____but a ____can’t because_______.

For example:  I like to write but a bee can’t because they would get pollen on the keyboard.

Brainstorm several examples, it’s bound to get funny as the session progresses.

5.  Together create a finished example (one panel to several panels) with words and illustrations.

The finished example could be the bee trying to write but a large pollen dust cloud makes it impossible.

6. OPTION 1: Working together as a class. This might end up being just a class example, where students help with the writing and illustrations.

7.  OPTION 2: Working as partners or independently. Students can work together or alone on their own examples that might include 1, 2 or many comic panels.

8. For better results, discuss the composition/craft of the shark example. Discuss the title, captions, speech indicators, spacing, shapes and other artistic elements.

9.  Remember this prompt again at Halloween… 6 Things Ghosts Are Bad At…you get the idea.

Have fun!

Let me know if you try it.  🙂


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