Brandi J. Clark

Writer and Educator

Psychics have ESP…Teachers have FSP and DSP…No…I’m Serious…

When it comes to student writing, I have special powers. Most teachers do.

We can read anything. I mean anything.


Sorry Pat, no need to buy a vowel, I’ve got this one!

“You can read anything Mrs. Clark, but HOW?”

While I do not have insight into the origin of my special powers, I do have a two secrets that help.

FSP also known as FingerSPace

and its close buddy

DSP also known as DoubleSPace.

I know…right?

Is Brandi making this up?

What kind of Voodoo magic does she speak of?

When in doubt, Check these out:

How to Make a Word Spacer!


3 Ways to DSP!!!

You’re welcome!

Teachers with Superpowers UNITE!



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