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Write About This: A Wrestler Goes For Broke

gym shop

No one saw it coming…but then it happened.

No one predicted the weights might smash the window…but they did.

Weightlifter breaks window in training. Internet freaks.

This video is loaded with “story.” When I say this, I mean there is so much potential to write about this.

For example:

Does she make it to the Olympics?

Does it boost or hamper her spirit?

Does it become a story that is used at the Olympics?


What are other “harmless” accidents that happen during athletic training?


Rules are created, generally after the fact.

Find a rule (or  law), how do you think it came about. Make the story believable…or not.

I found 13 Strange Laws Canadians Didn’t Even Know Existed.

I am Canadian…I did not know they existed.

Obviously no one predicted the window would break either…or there would have been a rule:


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