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Creating Anticipation in the Writing Workshop

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So…if you haven’t heard …William and Kate are getting married. The most anticipated event in Britain…since…well…forever. There are books, plates, posters, cutlery… all to to create a sense of community with the people of the world.

So…Lit Maven..what is your point??

My point is…how can we create this same sense of excitement and anticipation in the writing classroom?

True. Workshops lends themselves to an ongoing process not a sense of destination. Well, I say with writing, we need to have both.

Here are:

7 Steps to a Writing Event

1) Pick a date.
2) Create the invites.
3) Sign up for snacks.
4) Charge up the FM system.
5) Decorate the classrom.
6) Wear a fancy outfit.
7) Share your favorite piece of writing with the class…or even other invited guests.

Hmmmm…something to think about…
If you have any more ideas to add or have created your own Writing Event…please let me know.

Until Next Time,
Lit Maven OUT!

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