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5 Tips to Starting Your Own LiveBinder

I am in the midst of starting my own LiveBinder and of course… it is never easy to make a decision…so here are some tips to get you started.

1) Who is your audience?





*A Mixture

Here is great example of a teacher audience:

Cape Fear Handbook

Note: The School not the Movie

2. What will the user access be?



3. What is the time frame for utilizing the LiveBinder?

*one day

*one week

*one month

*one semester

*one year

4. What are you going to include?






5. What type of online access will you have?

*Computer Lab


*Classroom Connections

Love this Grade One example!

Access at school and at home.

So this should at least get you thinking…

Here is a BONUS TIP: Look through the other binders, this is a collaborative exercise after all.

Perhaps even…Whistle While You Work

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As always let me know what you are thinking in the comment boxes below.

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