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Building a LiveBinder…Include Tagxedo

What… tuxedo?

No Tagxedo

Another awesome tool to inspire even the most cranky learner:

And that’s cranky!

I was going through the feature shelves at LiveBinder again… and guess what I found?

My new favorite LiveBinder…Writing Resources to Inspire Students

Clicked on the tab Tagxedo and my world changed.

Tired of Wordle…try Tagxedo!

This one is easy-peasy to try. Now I will show you the magic…

1) Start by loading words or

2)Just type in any


*Twitter Id

* Id



*RSS (look-up)

3)Choose, color, theme, layout, shape..etc and voila…

Here is what my blog url looks like:

Educational Applications101 Ways to Use Tagexdo

Current Events

1)Visit the Daily Tuxedo

2)Scroll to the Daily tagxedo that appeals to you.

3)Click on the INTERACTIVE link below the image.

4)Use your cursor to select a word within the tagxedo cloud and it goes right to an information source.


Ice Breakers

Break the Ice At the beginning of the school year,

ask each student to make a Tagxedo about himself/herself

Show a sample (e.g. one about you, or previous class)

What you like, what’s unique about you

Normalize Frequency make the exercise much easier (just give an ordered list of words or phrases)

classic cloud: >40 words/phrases shape: >100

Each student gets a few minutes to talk about themselves

Easiest – each makes a list, teacher makes Tagxedoes

Hardest – each makes own Tagxedo (with shape)

From slide 33

Summarize Chapters of a Book

Use text from the chapter

Highlight selected words to summarize the chapter or lead to the next

Use related shape

Example: Tom Sawyer, steamboat (silhouettes

From slide 50

Try any of these, and I can guarantee that your students will feel like this:

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Let me know how it works out for you!

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