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Flipped Classroom?…Use a LiveBinder

Out of the gate this year, I was thinking of doing everything…Flipped Presentations, E-books, Webinars, and definitely..NO PAPER!!!

But then I was explaining to Twitter Chats to some people and they looked at me like I was him…

Then, I knew, I had to slowwwwwwwwwwww down.

So while, I am doing things differently this year. I am not using up all my felts the first week… (Have no idea what that means…)

I have decided that access to materials and information is always a plus. How can I make this easier…

Did you say LIVEBINDERS?

I think you did….10 points to your team!

I am in the midst of creating 4 Livebinders for 4 separate presentations…

What was I thinking?

I wasn’t…that was June talkin’…

Anyway, I am foregoing the usual powerpoint..even the new age Prezi, in favor of a LiveBinder. Here’s my thinking…

1. Perhaps presenting with a LiveBinder will encourage a climate of sharing…

2. Perhaps those attending the presentation will be more engaged because they know they will have access to everything during and after the presentation.

3. Perhaps I will ignite a firestorm of LiveBinders so that new shelving will have to be ordered! (Shelfari…still around?)

At any rate…it has to be better than…”Can I have the handout?”

Flipped Classroom Applications

My hope is that if I create these for all my presentations…I can send them in advance. That teachers will appreciate the “heads up” in way of the content. That real discussion and collaboration will start the minute they sit down.

I will let you no later this week how it all goes down…

Until Next Time,

Lit Maven Out!

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