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The Secret to Success

We all want that word  SUCCESS attached to our name. Success! It means we did it. It’s nice to hear. How do we achieve success?


There is a risk to the word success. It means we have to put something into action.  Please know that success is not connected to inaction unless the goal is to stay seated in a chair. Instead success means that we did something, like ran a race or submitted an article. In striving to achieve success, there is the likelihood that we might fail. You fall during the race or the article is rejected.  So, we can’t “will” success or expect it from nothing.

Thus,  if we want to hear the word success we also need to prepare to hear the word unsuccessful. This is the yin yang world that we live in. We will never know how success feels without experiencing disappointment. Also, we will never know success through inactivity or staying stagnant.

Therefore, success involves risk. We are risk averse. We want to glide through life having ironed out all the kinks. We feel at a certain age that success is due not earned. We are too old to try because being a beginner is in the past. But, we can’t compare against our age or where we “should” be. Should is what blocks success from happening. We can’t think if success hasn’t happened yet, it should. 

Finally, to not reach for success means that we are not safe but instead we are safely dying. We know this is true when we feel anxious about the future. We fear any change because it will alter the current state we are in. We know that change can be good or bad. But we also know, if the result is bad there is still a chance with time that our fortune will change to good.  We get up from the ground and finish the race, we submit another article. And there, my friends is the answer, get something started! Follow it through! And don’t forget to tell me about it!

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