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Writer and Educator

Sharks Don’t Get Cancer! And This Helps…How?

I was perusing the dead and dying section of my neighborhood library, circa 1998. Not a lot of hope to be found.

“Got Cancer? Sucks to be YOU”

“Found a Lump? Too bad Chump!”

“So You Are Having Chemo…Ask for it Shakened Not Stirred”

Okay I made those titles up…shocker…I know…

But there was one book that did stand out, not dismal like the rest,

“Sharks Don’t Get Cancer”

I stared at it. was I supposed to find this “finny” or something?

Truth be told, Cancer was not as “in” back then. Sort of…in the closet.

Now there are runs, walks, bracelets and colored blenders.

My biggest peeve was that I was a walking healthy cancer patient wanting to scream


Here is my chance.

Ever since my recovery I have wanted to make the best life possible.

I have two kids, post cancer, they only side effect is that they glow in the dark..
no..not really…but can you imagine how wicked that would have been.

I am a district educational consultant that loves presenting to the throngs or small groups of people.

However, I have lost my artistic way. I hope to recapture the “art” of my youth.

Truth be told, I want to achieve the following:

1. Go to the oscars. (as a nominee…not sure in what capacity)
2. Publish a great work of fiction or nonfiction.
3. Move to a country house with a huge veranda and knit on it like an old lady. (I do knit…with chopsticks if necessary).
4. Travel the world presenting and inspiring.
5. Watch my kids achieve their dreams.
6. Witness my husband become a thriving full-time artist.
7. Have my own show with my Mom. (talk, tv…who ever will have it)
8. Teach writing full-time…all ages.
9. Have a store or space that looks like the one from the “Ghost Whisperer”, Season one.
10. Turn education on its head…for the better.

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