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Hodgkin’s Lymphoma With the Stars! Great New Show!

Video: Charlie Tells Kristen About His Disease

True story…most patients with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma are men. This didn’t help me but in a way it makes me feel “special”.

Here is the List of the Hodgkin Lymphoma All Stars!

1. Dexter! – Michael C. Hall the actor rather than the character had cancer. But a serial killer with Cancer is “interesting”.

2. Ethan Zohn from Survivor.

3. D.J. Qualls – The skinny actor from Road Trip. He has also appeared on Lost and Breaking Bad.

4. Mario Lemiuex – The former Captain and now owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

5. Tracey Nelson – daughter of Ricky Nelson and niece of Mark Harmon (NCIS).

6. Barry Watson – Seventh Heaven

7. “Charlie”- Matthew Fox’s character from Party of Five. OK…another true story…this character had cancer the same time as me. I had to watch commercials where at times he was not doing well…lovely….But Charlie and I pulled through.

8. Me – A.K.A. the girl with the sense of tumor.

I don’t think this new show will metastasize, but hey at least we are all still here!

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